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    UT General :: Nov-08-04
    Yes, we are still alive and working. Who would have thought getting an MD5 patch across 3 OS's would be easy...

    That being said, work continues. The MD5 code for Win has been tested and seems to work great. The latest Linux build is on the way very soon.

    The most important piece for all you Mac users out there is a preview release of the brand new Mac OSX client.

    Unfortunately, I can't give a timeline as there could be any number of events that could push us back (and don't want to upset you with a false date).

    Keep your eyes pealed for new news.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    UnrealEd Bugs
    UT General :: Mar-14-04
    There are reports that have been confirmed that UnrealEd still doesn't function after putting 451b on. The fix would be to make a backup copy of UT (just copy your UT folder) and then use that 436 for UnrealEd and the 451 for play/servers. We will be digging further into the UnrealEd bugs and try to get a fix out for it.
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    UTPG 451B released
    UT General :: Mar-13-04
    We have just released the Windows version of the 451b patch.

    Changes from 451:
    - UnrealEd fixed
    - Fixed a couple of bugs that caused the client and server to crash when invalid classes are loaded

    *NOTE* Most versions of Pure WILL detect the differences in 451b and 451 and will kick players. Since we don't work on Pure, please contact the Pure team at: and talk to them about any issues there might be with the patch. I am unsure whether the newest version of Pure (7c) will kick players or not. Version 6E WILL kick players unless the server updates accordi
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    UTPG 451b coming soon
    UT General :: Mar-13-04
    Very soon, we will be releasing a mini-patch. It is UTPG 451b. You will need to have 451 installed, then apply this patch over top of that. It is ment to resolve recent security issues that have been identified. We also fixed the bug that was causing the editor to crash in 451. Stay tuned for more information.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    Current Status
    UT General :: Jan-19-04
    Just wanted to post another update since it has been a while.

    We continue to work on the code. Mainly trying to locate any bugs that we might have missed as well as finishing up the other OS clients. Work continues on the new Mac OS X client. We recently added two new coders to help with the project.

    In other news, there might be some issues with the web site and e-mail. We are moving servers around, so there might be some issues with both until the move is done and the DNS is pushed out.
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    Current Status
    UT General :: Oct-29-03
    As it has been a while since there has been any news, figured it was time to post an update for everyone.

    The new patch is coming along nicely. The MD5 code has been tested internally for playability and I think you will find that the impact was very small on both the server and client side. Further testing needs to be done in a true play environment (bots just don't cut it), but that is still a little down the road.

    Work continues on the MacOS X client. We are also implementing some minor changes to some subsystems that we hope everyone will like (won't say what yet as we are still working and bug fixing to ensure this works).

    Stay tuned for more information...
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    DOS Exploit Fix
    UT General :: Jul-17-03
    If you find your server being used for a DOS type attack, you need to upgrade to 451 (or find an old copy of 440). You can tell by looking in your server log and seeing a lot of conn open/close messages very close together (while the server is empty). To fix this, upgrade and do the following:

    Ensure that under your [Engine.GameEngine] section it reads:


    ***Please note if you are using any other IPServer you will need to remove that line from your server's .ini file and replace lines like below with the line above:

    UT Pure IP Server Update: ServerActors=PureIpServer.PureUdpServerQuery

    BDB's IP Server Update: ServerActors=IpServer2.UdpServerQuery2

    In addition, you need to verify the following lines are also in your server.ini file:


    You can change the max number of conn per min to be even lower then 5 if you so wish. By turning on/off logging this will enable you to reduce the impact on your log files as well.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    Fix for Player Login Crash Bug
    UT General :: Jul-16-03
    From, here is a fix for the player login crash bug. This will be incorporated into the next patch as well:

    All admins are advised to open their files and modify the following entry:

    LoadClassMismatch=%s is not a child class of %s.%s

    Change it to read:

    LoadClassMismatch=%s is not a child class of %s.

    This will prevent malicious clients from crashing your server by specifying an invalid player class when logging in. This fix should only be applied to Unreal Tournament servers, and you should restart your server after modifying the file in order to apply the changes.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    Just a minor update.
    UT General :: Jul-03-03
    Yes, we are still working on the next patch. We urge anyone who has any bugs to report them ASAP so we can try to get them fixed before the next patch is done.

    For the Mac players out there, a client is in the works as well. For more information I would point you to this site:
    Unreal Tournament to make return on OS X

    Thanks to everyone for their kind words of support as well as the bug fix requests.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    Patch 451 Released
    UT General :: May-12-03
    UTPG is proud to announce the release of their latest patch. UTPG451 is intended for use by both clients and servers. Special thanks to Epic for their continued support of this project as well as the many Alpha and Beta testers who have helped during the testing of this patch. Additional thanks go to the mirrors below for their offer of support. To download this patch, simply click the appropriate link to the left, or select one of our mirrors below:
    Win EXE Install:
    Jubei @ Linfiles
    Multiplay UK

    Win ZIP Install:
    Jubei @ Linfiles
    Multiplay UK

    Linux Install:
    Jubei @ Linfiles
    Multiplay UK
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    UTPG Patch 440 Released
    UT General :: Feb-17-03
    This patch addresses the exploits made public earlier last week. It is a server only install. Windows and Linux installs are available for download. Please fully read the readme for details on installation and changes made.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    Welcome to UTPG.ORG
    UT General :: Feb-14-03
    The site is a work in progress, but watch this space for information on new patches for Unreal Tournament, to be released soon. Many thanks to Epic Games for lending their support to this community effort to keep the game secure.
    [ Posted by: UTPG Team ]

    We are a group of programmers and server admins from the UT community who got together and approached Epic about the possibility of maintaining the Unreal Tournament code base. Since our goal of maintaining the game and fixing obvious problems, while keeping all the major game-play systems 100% intact, were right along with Epic's goals, Epic granted us access to the source which allows us to undertake this project. Our focus is general maintenance with some of our time spent dealing with security issues in the Unreal Tournament engine.

    Special thanks to Epic and specifically Joe (Dr. Sin) and Ryan (Linux guru) for the support and assistance they have given to this project.

    To contact the team, please e-mail us at: